You can create taxonomies for your entries, users, and assets using Categories.

Category Groups

Before you can create categories, you must create “category groups” to contain them. Each category group lets you define the following:

  • Whether categories in the group have URLs
  • What the categories’ URLs should look like
  • Which template should load if a category’s URL is accessed
  • How many levels categories in the group can be nested
  • Which fields categories in the group should have

To create a new category group, go to Settings → Categories and click the “New Category Group” button.

Editing Categories

If you have at least one category group, there will be a “Categories” tab in the primary CP nav. Clicking on it will take you to the category index. From there you can choose a category group from the sidebar, and add/reorder/delete categories within it:

Categories Index

Double-clicking on a category will bring up a modal that lets you edit its name, slug, and any fields you’ve assigned to the group:

Category Editor

Assigning Categories

To assign categories to things, you must also create a Categories field. Each Categories field is connected to a single category group. Whatever you attach the field to (entries, assets, users, etc.) will be able to create relations to any of the categories within that group.