{% redirect %} Tags

This tag will redirect the browser to a different URL.

{% if not user or not user.isInGroup('members') %}
    {% redirect "pricing" %}
{% endif %}


The {% redirect %} tag has the following parameter:


Immediately after typing “{% redirect”, you need to tell the tag where to redirect the browser. You can either give it a full URL, or just the path.

The Status Code

By default, redirects will have 302 status codes, which tells the browser that the requested URL has only been moved to the redirected URL temporarily.

You can customize which status code accompanies your redirect response by typing it right after the URL. For example, the following code would return a 301 redirect (permanent):

{% redirect "pricing" 301 %}

Flash Messages

You can optionally set flash messages that will show up for the user on the next request using the with notice and/or with error params:

{% if not currentUser.isInGroup('members') %}
    {% redirect "pricing" 301 with notice "You have to be a member to access that!" %}
{% endif %}