Control Panel Section

Modules and plugins can add new sections to the Control Panel using the EVENT_REGISTER_CP_NAV_ITEMS event:

use craft\events\RegisterCpNavItemsEvent;
use craft\web\twig\variables\Cp;
use yii\base\Event;

public function init()

        function(RegisterCpNavItemsEvent $event) {
            $event->navItems[] = [
                'url' => 'section-url',
                'label' => 'Section Label',
                'icon' => '@ns/prefix/path/to/icon.svg',

    // ...

Each item within the navItems array can have the following keys:

  • url – The URL that the nav item should link to. (It will be run through craft\helpers\UrlHelper::cpUrl().)
  • label – The user-facing nav item label.
  • icon – The path to the icon SVG that should be used. (It can begin with an alias.)
  • badgeCount(optional) – The badge count that should be displayed in the nav item.
  • subnav(optional) – An array of subnav items that should be visible when your section is accessed. (See Subnavs.)

If your section has a sub-navigation, each subnav item within your subnav array should be represented by a sub-array with url and label keys:

'subnav' => [
    'foo' => ['label' => 'Foo', 'url' => 'section-url/foo'],
    'bar' => ['label' => 'Bar', 'url' => 'section-url/bar'],
    // A subnav can also have it's own badge count by adding the optional `badgeCount` key:
    'baz' => ['label' => 'Baz', 'url' => 'section-url/baz', 'badgeCount' => 5],

Your templates can specify which subnav item should be selected by setting a selectedSubnavItem variable to the key of the nav item:

{% set selectedSubnavItem = 'bar' %}

Plugin Sections

Plugins that only need to add one section can set a $hasCpSection property on their primary plugin class, rather than using the EVENT_REGISTER_CP_NAV_ITEMS event:


namespace ns\prefix;

class Plugin extends \craft\base\Plugin
    public $hasCpSection = true;

    // ...

You can modify aspects of the plugin’s Control Panel nav item by overriding its getCpNavItem() method:

public function getCpNavItem()
    $item = parent::getCpNavItem();
    $item['badgeCount'] = 5;
    $item['subnav'] = [
        'foo' => ['label' => 'Foo', 'url' => 'plugin-handle/foo'],
        'bar' => ['label' => 'Bar', 'url' => 'plugin-handle/bar'],
        'baz' => ['label' => 'Baz', 'url' => 'plugin-handle/baz'],
    return $item;

If you do this, Craft will automatically add a new user permission for your plugin, and only show the nav item for users that have it.

Clicking on a plugin’s section will take the user to /admin/plugin-handle, which will attempt to load an index.html or index.twig template within the plugin’s template root (its templates/ folder within its base source folder).


See Control Panel Templates for more information about developing Control Panel templates.

Alternatively, you can route /admin/plugin-handle requests to a controller action (or a different template) by registering a Control Panel route from your plugin’s init() method:

use craft\events\RegisterUrlRulesEvent;
use craft\web\UrlManager;
use yii\base\Event;

public function init()
        function(RegisterUrlRulesEvent $event) {
            $event->rules['plugin-handle'] = 'plugin-handle/foo/bar';