Multi-select Fields

Multi-select fields give you a multi-select input.


Multi-select fields have the following settings:

  • Multi-select Options – Define the options that will be available in the field. You even get to set the option values and labels separately, and choose which ones should be selected by default.


Querying Elements with Multi-select Fields

When querying for elements that have a Multi-select field, you can filter the results based on the Multi-select field data using a query param named after your field’s handle.

Possible values include:

ValueFetches elements…
'foo'with a foo option selected.
'not foo'without a foo option selected.
['foo', 'bar']with foo or bar options selected.
['and', 'foo', 'bar']with foo and bar options selected.
{# Fetch entries with the 'foo' option selected #}
{% set entries = craft.entries()
    .all() %}

Working with Multi-select Field Data

If you have an element with a Multi-select field in your template, you can access its data using your Multi-select field’s handle:

{% set value = entry.<FieldHandle> %}

That will give you a craft\fields\data\MultiOptionsFieldData object that contains the field data.

To loop through all the selected options, iterate over the field value:

{% for option in entry.<FieldHandle> %}
    Label: {{ option.label }}
    Value: {{ option }} or {{ option.value }}
{% endfor %}

To loop through all of the available options, iterate over the options property:

{% for option in entry.<FieldHandle>.options %}
    Label:    {{ option.label }}
    Value:    {{ option }} or {{ option.value }}
    Selected: {{ option.selected ? 'Yes' : 'No' }}
{% endfor %}

To see if any options are selected, use the length filter:

{% if entry.<FieldHandle>|length %}

To see if a particular option is selected, use contains()

{% if entry.<FieldHandle>.contains('foo') %}

Saving Multi-select Fields in Entry Forms

If you have an entry form that needs to contain a Multi-select field, you can use this template as a starting point:

{% set field ='<FieldHandle>') %}

{# Include a hidden input first so Craft knows to update the
   existing value, if no options are selected. #}
{{ hiddenInput('fields[<FieldHandle>]', '') }}

<select multiple name="fields[<FieldHandle>][]">
    {% for option in field.options %}

        {% set selected = entry is defined
            ? entry.<FieldHandle>.contains(option.value)
            : option.default %}

        <option value="{{ option.value }}"
                {% if selected %}selected{% endif %}>
            {{ option.label }}
    {% endfor %}