Craft 3 Documentation

Server Requirements

These are the requirements to successfully install and properly run Craft.

Checking Your Server #

Before you install Craft, it’s important that you check that your server will meet the requirements. Review the requirements below or use the Craft Server Check script to quickly check whether you meet the requirements.

Not in charge of the server? Send a link to this page to your server administrator.

Server Requirements #

Craft requires the following:

Required PHP Extensions #

Craft requires the following PHP extensions:

Optional PHP Extensions #

Required Database User Privileges #

The database user you tell Craft to connect with must have the following privileges:


PostgreSQL #

CP Browser Requirements #

Craft’s Control Panel requires a modern browser:

Windows and macOS #

Mobile #

Note: Craft’s Control Panel browser requirements have nothing to do with your actual website. If you’re a glutton for punishment and want your website to look flawless on IE 6, that’s your choice.