Table Fields

Table fields give you a customizable table, where you can create multiple rows of content.


Table fields have the following settings:

  • Table Columns – Define the columns that will be available to your Table field.

    Each column has the following properties:

    • Column Heading – The name that will appear in the head of the table
    • Handle – How you’ll refer to this column from your templates
    • Width – The width for this column specified in either pixels or a percentage
    • Type – The type of content allowed in the column. Choose from Single-line text, Multi-line text, Number, Checkbox, Date, Time, Lightswitch, and Color.
  • Default Values – Define the default row and column values for new instances of the field.

The Field

Table fields will show the table as configured based on the field settings. You can reorder, delete, and add new rows, and modify their values.


Calling a Table field in your templates will return an array of the rows. Each row is a sub-array which holds each of the columns’ values for that row.

{% if entry.whiskeyTableHandle|length %}

        {% for row in entry.whiskeyTableHandle %}
            <li>{{ row.whiskey }} - {{ row.description }} - {{ row.proof }}</li>
        {% endfor %}
{% endif %}