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The FieldsController class is a controller that handles various field and field group related tasks such as saving and deleting both fields and field groups.

Note that all actions in the controller require an authenticated Craft session via {@link BaseController::allowAnonymous}.

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# Public Properties

Property Description
$defaultAction (opens new window) string (opens new window) – The name of the default action.
$layout (opens new window) mixed – The name of the layout to be applied to this controller's views.

# Protected Properties

# Public Methods

Method Description
__call() (opens new window) Calls the named method which is not a class method.
__construct() (opens new window)
__get() (opens new window) Returns a property value, an event handler list or a behavior based on its name.
__isset() (opens new window) Checks if a property value is null.
__set() (opens new window) Sets value of a component property.
__unset() (opens new window) Sets a component property to be null.
accessRules() (opens new window) Returns the access rules for this controller.
actionDeleteField() Deletes a field.
actionDeleteGroup() Deletes a field group.
actionSaveField() Saves a field.
actionSaveGroup() Saves a field group.
actions() (opens new window) Returns a list of external action classes.
asa() (opens new window) Returns the named behavior object.
attachBehavior() (opens new window) Attaches a behavior to this component.
attachBehaviors() (opens new window) Attaches a list of behaviors to the component.
attachEventHandler() (opens new window) Attaches an event handler to an event.
beforeAction() Checks if a controller has overridden allowAnonymous either as an array with actions to allow anonymous access to or as a bool that applies to all actions.
beginCache() (opens new window) Begins fragment caching.
beginClip() (opens new window) Begins recording a clip.
beginContent() (opens new window) Begins the rendering of content that is to be decorated by the specified view.
beginWidget() (opens new window) Creates a widget and executes it.
behaviors() (opens new window) Returns a list of behaviors that this controller should behave as.
canGetProperty() (opens new window) Determines whether a property can be read.
canSetProperty() (opens new window) Determines whether a property can be set.
clearPageStates() (opens new window) Removes all page states.
createAbsoluteUrl() (opens new window) Creates an absolute URL for the specified action defined in this controller.
createAction() (opens new window) Creates the action instance based on the action name.
createUrl() (opens new window) Creates a relative URL for the specified action defined in this controller.
createWidget() (opens new window) Creates a widget and initializes it.
detachBehavior() (opens new window) Detaches a behavior from the component.
detachBehaviors() (opens new window) Detaches all behaviors from the component.
detachEventHandler() (opens new window) Detaches an existing event handler.
disableBehavior() (opens new window) Disables an attached behavior.
disableBehaviors() (opens new window) Disables all behaviors attached to this component.
enableBehavior() (opens new window) Enables an attached behavior.
enableBehaviors() (opens new window) Enables all behaviors attached to this component.
endCache() (opens new window) Ends fragment caching.
endClip() (opens new window) Ends recording a clip.
endContent() (opens new window) Ends the rendering of content.
endWidget() (opens new window) Ends the execution of the named widget.
evaluateExpression() (opens new window) Evaluates a PHP expression or callback under the context of this component.
filterAccessControl() (opens new window) The filter method for 'accessControl' filter.
filterAjaxOnly() (opens new window) The filter method for 'ajaxOnly' filter.
filterPostOnly() (opens new window) The filter method for 'postOnly' filter.
filters() (opens new window) Returns the filter configurations.
forward() (opens new window) Processes the request using another controller action.
getAction() (opens new window)
getActionParams() Returns the request parameters that will be used for action parameter binding.
getCachingStack() (opens new window)
getClips() (opens new window) Returns the list of clips.
getEventHandlers() (opens new window) Returns the list of attached event handlers for an event.
getId() (opens new window)
getLayoutFile() (opens new window) Looks for the layout view script based on the layout name.
getModule() (opens new window)
getPageState() (opens new window) Returns a persistent page state value.
getPageTitle() (opens new window)
getRoute() (opens new window)
getUniqueId() (opens new window)
getViewFile() (opens new window) Returns the view script file according to the specified view name.
getViewPath() (opens new window) Returns the directory containing view files for this controller.
hasEvent() (opens new window) Determines whether an event is defined.
hasEventHandler() (opens new window) Checks whether the named event has attached handlers.
hasProperty() (opens new window) Determines whether a property is defined.
init() Initializes the controller.
invalidActionParams() (opens new window) This method is invoked when the request parameters do not satisfy the requirement of the specified action.
isCachingStackEmpty() (opens new window) Returns whether the caching stack is empty.
missingAction() (opens new window) Handles the request whose action is not recognized.
processDynamicOutput() (opens new window) Postprocesses the dynamic output.
processOutput() (opens new window) Postprocesses the output generated by {@link render()}.
raiseEvent() (opens new window) Raises an event.
recordCachingAction() (opens new window) Records a method call when an output cache is in effect.
redirect() Redirects the browser to a given URL.
redirectToPostedUrl() Redirects to the URI specified in the POST.
refresh() (opens new window) Refreshes the current page.
render() (opens new window) Renders a view with a layout.
renderClip() (opens new window) Renders a named clip with the supplied parameters.
renderDynamic() (opens new window) Renders dynamic content returned by the specified callback.
renderDynamicInternal() (opens new window) This method is internally used.
renderFile() (opens new window) Renders a view file.
renderInternal() (opens new window) Renders a view file.
renderPartial() (opens new window) Renders a view.
renderTemplate() Renders a template, and either outputs or returns it.
renderText() (opens new window) Renders a static text string.
requireAdmin() Throws a 403 error if the current user is not an admin.
requireAjaxRequest() Throws a 400 error if this isn’t an Ajax request.
requireElevatedSession() Requires that the user has an elevated session.
requireLogin() Redirects the user to the login template if they're not logged in.
requirePostRequest() Throws a 400 error if this isn’t a POST request
requireToken() Throws a 400 error if the current request doesn’t have a valid token.
resolveViewFile() (opens new window) Finds a view file based on its name.
returnErrorJson() Responds to the request with a JSON error message.
returnJson() Responds to the request with JSON.
run() (opens new window) Runs the named action.
runAction() (opens new window) Runs the action after passing through all filters.
runActionWithFilters() (opens new window) Runs an action with the specified filters.
setAction() (opens new window)
setPageState() (opens new window) Saves a persistent page state value.
setPageTitle() (opens new window)
widget() (opens new window) Creates a widget and executes it.

# actionDeleteField()


public null actionDeleteField ( )

# actionDeleteGroup()


public null actionDeleteGroup ( )

# actionSaveField()


public null actionSaveField ( )

# actionSaveGroup()


public null actionSaveGroup ( )

# init()

Initializes the controller.

This method is called by the application before the controller starts to execute. You may override this method to perform the needed initialization for the controller.


View source (opens new window)


null (opens new window)



public null init ( )

# Protected Methods

Method Description
afterAction() (opens new window) This method is invoked right after an action is executed.
afterRender() (opens new window) This method is invoked after the specified view is rendered by calling {@link render()}.
beforeRender() (opens new window) This method is invoked at the beginning of {@link render()}.
createActionFromMap() (opens new window) Creates the action instance based on the action map.
loadPageStates() (opens new window) Loads page states from a hidden input.
replaceDynamicOutput() (opens new window) Replaces the dynamic content placeholders with actual content.
savePageStates() (opens new window) Saves page states as a base64 string.

# Constants

Constant Description
STATE_INPUT_NAME Name of the hidden field storing persistent page states.