Feed Overview

Go to the main Feed Me section via your CP sidebar menu. You'll be presented with a table listing of your saved feeds, or none if you haven't set any up yet.

This overview shows the following:

  • Name - Name your feed something useful so you'll remember what it does.
  • Feed URL The URL to your feed.
  • Type - The data type you're importing.
  • Element Type - The element type you are importing into.
  • Element Group - Depending on the element type chosen. Entries will show Section/Entry Type, Categories will show Group, etc.
  • Strategy - What import strategy you have chosen: how you'd like to handle duplicate feed items (if you're going to be re-running this feed).
  • Run Feed - Runs the feed immediately
  • Settings (icon) - Additional settings pane (see below).
  • Delete (icon) - Delete this feed (be careful).

# Settings Pane

Clicking on the settings cog icon will expand additional settings for each feed.

  • Feed Status - Takes you to an overview screen showing the process of your feed if currently running.
  • Debug Feed - Opens in a new window and runs the Debug action.
  • Direct Feed URL - Can be used in your Cron job setup to directly trigger the job.
  • Duplicate Feed - Duplicates this feed and all settings into a new feed.

Create a new feed by pressing the red + New Feed button in the top-right, or click on the Name column in your table. You'll then be taken to Create your Feed →.