Trigger Import via Cron


Triggering an import via Cron still uses Craft's Queue system, so it won't affect the performance of your site.

Once your feed is configured properly, you can trigger the feed processing directly using a special URL. Find this URL by copying the Direct Feed Link from the Feed Overview screen. You'll receive a URL similar to:


# Parameters

  • direct (required) - Must be set to 1 or true. Tells Feed Me this is a externally-triggered queue job.
  • feedId (required) - The ID of the feed you wish to process.
  • passkey (required) - A unique, generated identifier for this feed. Ensures not just anyone can trigger the import.
  • url (optional) - If your feed URL changes, you can specify it here. Ensure the structure of the feed matches your field mappings.

# Setup

To setup this feed to run via cron, use one of the following commands - replacing the URL with the one for your feed. Which command you use will depend on your server capabilities, but wget is the most common.

/usr/bin/wget -O - -q -t 1 "http://your.domain/actions/feed-me/feeds/run-task?direct=1&feedId=1&passkey=FwafY5kg3c"

curl --silent --compressed "http://your.domain/actions/feed-me/feeds/run-task?direct=1&feedId=1&passkey=FwafY5kg3c"

/usr/bin/lynx -source "http://your.domain/actions/feed-me/feeds/run-task?direct=1&feedId=1&passkey=FwafY5kg3c

# Console command

You can also trigger your feed to process via a console command by passing in a comma-separated list of feed IDs to process. You can also use limit and offset parameters.

> php craft feed-me/feeds/queue 1

> php craft feed-me/feeds/queue 1,2,3

> php craft feed-me/feeds/queue 1 --limit=1

> php craft feed-me/feeds/queue 1 --limit=1 --offset=1

> php craft feed-me/feeds/queue 1 --continue-on-error

You can also supply a --all parameter to push all feeds into the queue. Not that this parameter will ignore any --limit and --offset parameters supplied.

> php craft feed-me/feeds/queue --all

Note that the feed-me/feeds/queue command will only queue up the importing job. To actually run the import, you will need to run your queue. You can do that by running the queue/run command:

> php craft queue/run