Create an feed-me.php file under your /config directory with the following options available to you. You can also use multi-environment options to change these per environment.


return [
    '*' => [
        'pluginName' => 'Feed Me',
        'cache' => 60,
        'requestOptions' => [],
        'skipUpdateFieldHandle' => 'skipFeedMeUpdate',
        'backupLimit' => 100,
        'dataDelimiter' => '-|-',
        'csvColumnDelimiter' => '',
        'parseTwig' => false,
        'compareContent' => true,
        'sleepTime' => 0,
        'logging' => true,
        'runGcBeforeFeed' => false,
        'queueTtr' => 300,
        'queueMaxRetry' => 5,
        'assetDownloadCurl' => false,
        'feedOptions' => [
            '1' => [
                'feedUrl' => '',
                'requestOptions' => [],

Configuration options

  • pluginName - Optionally change the name of the plugin.
  • cache - For template calls, change the default cache time.
  • requestOptions - Any additionl options to be sent with requests when fetching your feed content Guzzle Options. See an example below.
  • skipUpdateFieldHandle - A provided field handle attached to your elements (often a Lightswitch or similar). If this field has a value during processing, Feed Me will skip the element.
  • backupLimit - Set a limit to the number of backups to keep.
  • dataDelimiter - Feed Me will try and split content based on this delimiter. Useful for CSVs.
  • csvColumnDelimiter - Optionally set the delimiter for columns in CSVs before fetching the content.
  • parseTwig - Whether to parse field data and default values for Twig. Disabled by default.
  • compareContent - Whether to check against existing element content before updating. This can have considerable performance improvements and prevent against needless updating.
  • sleepTime - Add the number of seconds to sleep after each feed item has been processed.
  • logging - Set the level of logging to do. Possible values are true (default) to log everything, false to disable logging or errors to only record errors.
  • runGcBeforeFeed - Whether to run the Garbage Collection service before running a feed.
  • queueTtr - Set the 'time to reserve' time in seconds, to prevent the job being cancelled after 300 seconds (default).
  • queueMaxRetry - Set the maxiumum amount of retries the queue job should have before failing.
  • assetDownloadCurl - Use curl to download assets from a remote source. Can be used when issues arise using the default implementation.
  • feedOptions - Provide an array of any of the above options or Feed Settings to set specifically for certain feeds. Use the Feed ID as the key for the array.

Example requestOptions

See Guzzle Options for the full range:

'requestOptions' => [
    'headers' => [
        'Accept' => 'application/json',
    'auth' => [
        'username', 'password'
    'query' => [
        'foo' => 'bar'

Control Panel

You can also manage configuration settings through the Control Panel by visiting Settings → Feed Me.