Migrating from Wordpress

Migrating from Wordpress to Craft can be challenging, but we've found the process (in most cases) relatively straightforward. The challenge being simply getting your content out of Wordpress due to plugins and other content-mashups.


We are unable to offer any dedicated support for exporting out of Wordpress. Its essentially up to you how you get your data, and this guide is for reference only.

# Create export from Wordpress

The first step is to get our data out of Wordpress. In true, typical Wordpress fashion - there's a plugin for that! Its called WP All Export (opens new window), which you can download for free. It'll produce an XML file of your content and supports all native fields, Advanced Custom Fields, WooCommerce, Custom Taxonomies and Custom Post Types.


By no means do we support, endorse or are otherwise affiliated with the Wordpress Export plugin developers. Its simply the best tool we've come across.

We'll not be covering the ins-and-outs of how to export your content from Wordpress. In fact, the plugin page above has an excellent video explaining it better than we can. Our recommendation is to essentially select every bit of data you can to export out, then setup Feed Me to import what you need.

# Settings up Feed Me

Follow the guide to Importing Entries, using the URL or file from the previous step.