Importing Commerce Products

This guide will serve as a real-world example of importing Commerce Products into Craft Commerce (opens new window). We'll be importing two T-Shirt products into Commerce. This guide specifically deals with single-variant products.


Looking to import products with multiple Variants? Have a look at the Importing Commerce Variants guide.

# Example Feed Data

The below data is what we'll use for this guide:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <title>Printed T-Shirt</title>

        <title>Plain T-Shirt</title>

# Things to note

  • sku is compulsory for each product for any import
  • length, width, height and weight should all be units according to your Commerce settings
  • The first product has limited stock, the second unlimited

Choose either the XML or JSON (depending on your preference), and save as a file in the root of your public directory. We'll assume its http://craft.local/products-feed.xml.

# Setup your Feed

With your feed data in place, go to Feed Me's main control panel screen, and add a new feed.

Feedme Matrix Guide Setup

Enter the following details:

  • Name - Products
  • Feed URL - http://craft.local/products-feed.xml
  • Feed Type - XML or JSON
  • Element Type - Products
  • Commerce Product Type - Clothing (or similar)
  • Import Strategy - Create new elements, and Update existing elements
  • Passkey - Leave as generated
  • Backup - Turn on

Click the Save & Continue button to set up the primary element.

# Primary Element

The primary element can be confusing at first, but its vitally important to ensure Feed Me can hone in on the content in your feed correctly. Refer to Primary Element → for a detailed explanation.

Enter the following details:

  • Primary Element - /products/product
  • Pagination URL - No Pagination URL

Click the Save & Continue button to set up the field mapping.

# Field Mapping

Use the below screenshot as a guide for the data we want to map to our product fields.

Feedme Products Guide Mapping

# Things to note

  • As these are single variant products, we check the Is Default option. This tells Commerce this variant is the default variant for this product.
  • Our unique identifier is the Variant SKU - simply as its unique to each product.
  • We have no custom fields for Products setup - but they would appear underneath the Product Variant Fields as per a regular Importing into Entries workflow.

Click the Save & Import button to begin importing your content.

# Importing your Content

Wait for the feed processing to finish. Remember, you can always navigate away from this confirmation screen.

Feedme Matrix Guide Start


If you're having issues, or seeing errors at this point, look at the Troubleshooting section.

You should now have 2 brand new products in your Clothing product type.

Feedme Matrix Guide Finish1

Feedme Matrix Guide Finish2