Abstract Class
craft\controllers\BaseElementsController » craft\web\Controller » yii\web\Controller » yii\base\Controller » yii\base\Component » yii\base\BaseObject
yii\base\Configurable, yii\base\ViewContextInterface
Extended by
craft\controllers\ElementIndexSettingsController, craft\controllers\ElementIndexesController, craft\controllers\ElementsController

The BaseElementsController class provides some common methods for craft\controllers\ElementsController and craft\controllers\ElementIndexesController.

Note that all actions in the controller require an authenticated Craft session via allowAnonymous.

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Public Properties

actionyii\base\Action – The action that is currently being executed.
actionParamsarray – The parameters bound to the current action.
behaviorsyii\base\Behavior – List of behaviors attached to this component
defaultActionstring – The ID of the action that is used when the action ID is not specified in the request.
enableCsrfValidationboolean – Whether to enable CSRF validation for the actions in this controller.
idstring – The ID of this controller.
layoutnull, string, false – The name of the layout to be applied to this controller's views.
moduleyii\base\Module – The module that this controller belongs to.
modulesyii\base\Module – All ancestor modules that this controller is located within.
routestring – The route (module ID, controller ID and action ID) of the current request.
uniqueIdstring – The controller ID that is prefixed with the module ID (if any).
viewyii\base\View, yii\web\View – The view object that can be used to render views or view files.
viewPathstring – The view path that may be prefixed to a relative view name.

Protected Properties

allowAnonymousinteger, boolean, integer[], string[] – Whether this controller’s actions can be accessed anonymously.

Public Methods

__call()Calls the named method which is not a class method.
__clone()This method is called after the object is created by cloning an existing one.
__get()Returns the value of an object property.
__isset()Checks if a property is set, i.e. defined and not null.
__set()Sets value of an object property.
__unset()Sets an object property to null.
actions()Declares external actions for the controller.
afterAction()This method is invoked right after an action is executed.
asErrorJson()Responds to the request with a JSON error message.
asJson()Send data formatted as JSON.
asJsonP()Sets the response format of the given data as JSONP.
asRaw()Sets the response format of the given data as RAW.
asXml()Send data formatted as XML.
attachBehavior()Attaches a behavior to this component.
attachBehaviors()Attaches a list of behaviors to the component.
beforeAction()This method is invoked right before an action is executed.
behaviors()Returns a list of behaviors that this component should behave as.
bindActionParams()Binds the parameters to the action.
canGetProperty()Returns a value indicating whether a property can be read.
canSetProperty()Returns a value indicating whether a property can be set.
className()Returns the fully qualified name of this class.
createAction()Creates an action based on the given action ID.
detachBehavior()Detaches a behavior from the component.
detachBehaviors()Detaches all behaviors from the component.
ensureBehaviors()Makes sure that the behaviors declared in behaviors() are attached to this component.
findLayoutFile()Finds the applicable layout file.
getBehavior()Returns the named behavior object.
getBehaviors()Returns all behaviors attached to this component.
getModules()Returns all ancestor modules of this controller.
getRoute()Returns the route of the current request.
getUniqueId()Returns the unique ID of the controller.
getView()Returns the view object that can be used to render views or view files.
goBack()Redirects the browser to the last visited page.
goHome()Redirects the browser to the home page.
hasEventHandlers()Returns a value indicating whether there is any handler attached to the named event.
hasMethod()Returns a value indicating whether a method is defined.
hasProperty()Returns a value indicating whether a property is defined.
init()Initializes the application component.
off()Detaches an existing event handler from this component.
on()Attaches an event handler to an event.
redirect()Redirects the browser to the specified URL.
redirectToPostedUrl()Redirects to the URI specified in the POST.
refresh()Refreshes the current page.
render()Renders a view and applies layout if available.
renderAjax()Renders a view in response to an AJAX request.
renderContent()Renders a static string by applying a layout.
renderFile()Renders a view file.
renderPartial()Renders a view without applying layout.
renderTemplate()Renders a template.
requireAcceptsJson()Throws a 400 error if the request doesn't accept JSON.
requireAdmin()Throws a 403 error if the current user is not an admin.
requireAuthorization()Checks whether the current user can perform a given action, and ends the request with a 403 error if they don’t.
requireCpRequest()Throws a 400 error if the current request isn’t a Control Panel request.
requireElevatedSession()Requires that the user has an elevated session.
requireLogin()Redirects the user to the login template if they're not logged in.
requirePermission()Checks whether the current user has a given permission, and ends the request with a 403 error if they don’t.
requirePostRequest()Throws a 400 error if this isn’t a POST request
requireSiteRequest()Throws a 400 error if the current request isn’t a site request.
requireToken()Throws a 400 error if the current request doesn’t have a valid Craft token.
run()Runs a request specified in terms of a route.
runAction()Runs an action within this controller with the specified action ID and parameters.
setView()Sets the view object to be used by this controller.
setViewPath()Sets the directory that contains the view files.
trigger()Triggers an event.


Initializes the application component.

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Protected Methods

context()Returns the context that this controller is being called in.
elementType()Returns the posted element type class.


Returns the context that this controller is being called in.

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string, null


Returns the posted element type class.

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