craft\base\BaseFsInterface, craft\base\SavableComponentInterface
Implemented by
craft\base\Fs, craft\fs\Local, craft\fs\MissingFs, craft\fs\Temp

FsInterface defines the common interface to be implemented by filesystem classes.

A class implementing this interface should also use craft\base\SavableComponentTrait and craft\base\FsTrait.

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# Public Methods

Method Description
afterDelete() Performs actions after a component is deleted.
afterSave() Performs actions after a component is saved.
beforeApplyDelete() Performs actions before a component delete is applied to the database.
beforeDelete() Performs actions before a component is deleted.
beforeSave() Performs actions before a component is saved.
copyFile() Copies a file.
createDirectory() Creates a directory.
deleteDirectory() Deletes a directory.
deleteFile() Deletes a file.
directoryExists() Returns whether a directory exists at the given path.
displayName() Returns the display name of this class.
extraFields() (opens new window) Returns the list of additional fields that can be returned by toArray() (opens new window) in addition to those listed in fields() (opens new window).
fields() (opens new window) Returns the list of fields that should be returned by default by toArray() (opens new window) when no specific fields are specified.
fileExists() Returns whether a file exists.
getDateModified() Returns the last time the file was modified.
getFileList() List files.
getFileSize() Return the file size.
getFileStream() Gets a stream ready for reading by a file's URI.
getIsNew() Returns whether the component is new (unsaved).
getRootUrl() Returns the root URL for a filesystem, if it has one.
getSettings() Returns an array of the component’s settings.
getSettingsHtml() Returns the component’s settings HTML.
instance() (opens new window) Returns static class instance, which can be used to obtain meta information.
isSelectable() Returns whether the component should be selectable in component Type selects.
read() Reads contents of a file to a string.
renameDirectory() Renames a directory.
renameFile() Renames a file.
settingsAttributes() Returns the list of settings attribute names.
toArray() (opens new window) Converts the object into an array.
write() Writes a string to a file.
writeFileFromStream() Writes a file to a fs from a given stream.